1. Storms

From the recording Dark EP

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Now that there’s nothing left inside me
That was in love with you
Would someone please explain to me
Why I never spoke my truth?

I tore apart the daydreams and I burnt all the letters too
It’s been at least three years or more
And time’s been wrapping up my wounds

Perhaps I never felt the grief that was buried in my soul
Perhaps I never voiced the tone of sorrow when you’d go
And leave me

In Storms and thunder
In Storms and thunder

Was it my belief in you that’d blind me
Or just the flash of lightning?
Was it your loss that stole my voice
Or was it the thunder rolling?
And now you’re gone, I stand alone and sing
How could you leave me?

In Storms and thunder
In Storms and thunder

How can you offer me love like that?
I can’t trust you anymore
How could you betray what we had
And leave me stranded in the

Storms and thunder
Storms and thunder

And rain for days, and swollen rivers
And storms and thunder